A note from: Kathleen Acker

Hey there, it’s Kathleen here. I want to invite you to take a moment with me. Pause, breathe, and let’s visualize together.

Imagine waking up each day feeling a sense of deep fulfillment and purpose coursing through your veins. Picture your relationships thriving with love, respect, and connection. Envision yourself in a career that aligns perfectly with your passions, where you make a difference every single day. And think about the adventures you embark on for fun, the places you travel to, and the lifestyle you lead – whether it’s cruising in your dream car, residing in your ideal home, or exploring the world from your dream location.

Now, let me ask you: What’s holding you back from making this vision your reality? What is it costing you to stay stuck in the same old routine, yearning for more but not taking action? And if you continue on this path, will you look back with regret, wishing you had stepped into your power sooner?

Consider this: By living authentically, with joy, peace, and fulfillment, who else benefits? Your loved ones, your community, the world around you – they all flourish when you shine your brightest.

Now, think about the value of this lifestyle. What would it mean to you to wake up every day living your dream life?

And here’s the big question: Are you ready to put in the effort to make this vision a reality? If your answer is a resounding “HECK YES,” then let’s connect. Book your free clarity call with me, and let’s take the first step toward transforming your life.

I can’t wait to chat with you.             

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Declare your God given Rights and live in soul alignment now

Kathleen guides you through the principles of self-governance by illuminating the concealed yet inherent Laws of Nature and Nature's God. As articulated in the Declaration of Independence, the boundless powers of the earth await discovery, poised for your utilization and for the betterment of mankind.

Kathleen's methods serve as a beacon, awakening the dormant greatness within you and igniting the luminous essence of your potential. Through the teachings, you craft a strategic Game Plan aimed at fostering a world of integrity, devoid of harm, and overflowing with abundant love.

Your conscientious awareness of the profound influence wielded by your words serves as a gateway to profound advancement along the path to enlightenment, tranquility, lucidity, and prosperity. By truly comprehending this inherent power, you restore equilibrium within yourself and in the world at large. With purposeful intent, you stand firmly within your law and express it with both effectiveness and a heart brimming with compassion.

Coaching, Course and PMA'S

Life Mastery and Soul Alignment Coach

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation? Look no further.

🌟 Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious? Feeling uncertain, stuck or defeated by where you are in life?

🌟Do you wish you had a cheat sheet for building the future of your dreams?

🌟Are your ready to transcend the mental chains that are holding you back and discover your unique true power within?

🌟 Learn the tools, techniques and methods to face life challenges, and transcend the energy of the curve balls it throws your way, and know how to avoid the traps and move forward quickly.

🌟Discipline, commitment, and consistency are the foundation to changing your life and attract abundance in all areas of you life.



Your voice matters!

It's time for YOU to be heard and seen. You have a definite of purpose and its time to share your gift(s) with the world and speak your truth. I understand that speaking up can be daunting. That's why I have crafted a comprehensive course to guide you through every step of this journey. Speak Your Truth is meticulously designed to unlock your voice, your potential, refine your skills, and propel you into the realm of speaking your truth.

🌟 Advocate for you values and your law with conviction

🌟 Protect your children's Rights

🌟 Demonstrate your worth to yourself and others

🌟 Feel Heard when communicating

🌟 Transform depleting emotions into resilience

🌟 Confront overbearing people with ease

🌟 Assert your boundaries in all relationships

🌟 Exercise Divine Rights with the integrity of your voice and vision

🌟 Learn how to live private

PMA & Contracts

Learn to to live in the private and leave a legacy to secure your loved ones future.

Private Member Assembly and more options

I walk you through the inner standing of PMA = Private Member Association, mindset, the process and comprehending documents (not legal advice).

I am dedicated to disseminating knowledge of law vs legal principles, education, experiences, techniques, methods, and pathways for navigating the realms of private and public existence. Becoming a Member is extended to those who join with integrity and formally signify their agreement through autographing a member agreement.

Reminder: not giving legal advice, no attorney here.




Kathleen did an amazing job at guiding me through the process of submitting a notice of claim among multiple correspondence with my employer.  Kathleen not only empowered me to write multiple notice of claims to multiple people but also gave me the confidence and courage to understand that my sovereign rights were being violated.  The whole time Kathleen supported me through the process.   Kathleen was a saint to work with and was amazing and so supportive through the process.  Thank you so much Kathleen!



I am so grateful for Kathleen's, kind compassionate guidance in helping see the the reality of the injustice  and trickery in forms/contracts created by corporate entities .Kathleen's gentle guidance allowed me to experience a huge internal shift in from the victim mindset, to victor and helped me find the courage to express my new found confidence by altering forms and contracts to align with my values with honor and courage.



Kathleen helped me with speaking up, with courage and confidence and apply an honorable approach with a heart of compassion. Kathleen helped me gain the mindset that honor is key in life and in contracts. I was scared to reach out and not even sure why, but she helped me face my fear with courage and faith. It was a release inside that I felt like a SHIFT happen within me. We teach others respect and how to treat us. I greatly appreciate your kindness and wisdom. 



I’ve had the pleasure of participating in coaching with Kathleen, and it is nothing short of eye-opening. She expertly equipped me with practical tools that have been invaluable in shifting my perception from negative to positive. Her guidance and techniques also instrumental in helping me view challenges and change in a more optimistic light, and this shift has significantly improved my overall well-being. Her approach is not just about managing life’s challenges, but about fostering a positive mindset while overcoming perceived obstacles. I wholeheartedly recommend Kathleen if you’re looking for transformation to help reset your old habits, deal with the daily stressors of life, or just become who you want to be.



Wow, Kathleen helped me stand up for my rights, she walked me through knowing how to face my fear of confronting evil doers, she inspired and encourage me to stand up respectfully, with compassion and speak my truth. It is so powerful when you overcome your fear and realize, it was all in your mind and being on the other side of fear is worth it! Don't waste time fearing. Live in faith and know your God given rights and how to apply them. Its priceless knowledge and life changing. 


Kathleen helped inspire me to speak my truth, she helped me know what I want in life and to put an action plan in place to make it happen with daily action steps, a plan and support. I am thankful to find someone like Kathleen to support me and cheer me on.



Kathleen is extremely knowledgeable and resourceful. Her energy is unmatched! I was in a place in my life that I had to make a crucial decision that would impact my life as well as my sons. As a single parent needing security in my income, I was scared. I felt fear, which was controlling me regardless of what my heart was feeling in regard to this decision. Kathleen did not back down and made me face the fear. She did not make it easy or pretty, she stuck to what I needed in that moment to push through. I stood true to myself and did not agree to something that did not settle right with me, my values and integrity. 

This gave me my power back! It made me believe that above all else, trust God and myself. To not let fear control my life no matter how scary something or someone appears... Trust your instinct... Trust yourself. 

I am grateful for how Kathleen impacted me and for all I continue to learn from her and the ways I grow. She is truly a blessing!


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