Are you a Trailblazer who questions the status quo?

It's time to free yourself from the rules of others





Are you a freedom-loving mom who questions the status quo?

It's time to free yourself from the rules of others



with Kathleen Acker aka 'The Contract Sage'


Ready to feel peace no matter what is going on? I'm here to help!

Get the keys to stand in your power and live authentically in group setting

with like minded and personal service

This coaching course may be for you but you might be stuck because......

🌟 You're afraid because you've been silenced

🌟 You feel weighed down and stuck in survival mode

🌟 You doubt your intuition and self-worth

🌟 You wonder if you can truly change

🌟 You feel disconnected from yourself and others

🌟 You'd rather wait because feeling stuck is familiar and feels safe

Do you feel like schools are pushing political opinions that don't align with your values? Learn how to hold each teacher accountable.

Have you signed contracts (at hospital, doctors office, school, work or other places) and are second guessing what you agreed to? Learn what to add on all forms to protect your Rights (not giving advice of any kind).

I'm here to give you the secrets to speaking your truth and pull back the veil of the hidden in plain sight, so that you can overcome fear and step into your sole purpose now.

Get the courage and tools you need to say how you feel right now.

I will help you secure your future to create

a healthier and happier life.

Transform the way you "play" life...
You have within you the ability to do extraordinary things and create a difference in your life and the lives of others. To achieve that ability, you must be willing to change your perspective. When you begin to view life as a Game, it generates a significant change in the way you perceive the world around you, your impact on it, and how you can transform the way you play.

This book is about inspiring people like yourself to raise their consciousness and knowledge about The Game of Life that is at play right now whether we are aware or not. We’ll talk about having the courage to question your core be.LIE.f's, modify or stop old behaviors, release past traumas, and cultivate a willingness to let go and step into your true power.

Some of the topics covered in this course are:

🌟 Advocate for you values and your law with conviction

🌟 Protect your children's Rights

🌟 Demonstrate your worth to yourself and others

🌟 Feel Heard when communicating

🌟 Transform depleting emotions into resilience

🌟 Confront overbearing people with ease

🌟 Assert your boundaries in all relationships

🌟 Exercise Divine Rights with the integrity of your voice and vision

🌟 Learn how to live private

It's time to own your clear "No" and your clear "Yes."





Learn how to reclaim your personal power

so you can enjoy more freedom, fulfillment and fun.


More Below

Module 1: Simple Solutions to Overcome Stress and Become More Authentic

Get 3 fast and effective techniques to navigate high stress situations with grace and effectively communication tools. You will learn how to respond instead of react to high-stake people and environment, creating a new baseline of grounding peace and clarity to negotiate your next steps. Gain insight on the levels of consciousness the the role it has on your life. Receive permission and commitment templates to empower you.

Module 2: How to Transform Fear into Courage

Discover how to master 'Faith Over Fear' process, maintaining your inner power during challenging conversations. Gain insights into bouncing back faster from adversity, empowering you to navigate life's obstacles with resilience and grace. Explore the concept of the 'strawman' and its profound significance in spiritual contexts, shedding light on mindset shifts and empowering perspectives.

Module 3: The Key Secret to Confidently Standing Up For Yourself

Explore the profound concept of self-governance and honor as you delve into the Laws of Nature and Spiritual Contracts. Develop the confidence to assert your truth authentically, equipped with effective communication tools and techniques. Introduction into word trickery of private v public mindset of the game of life.

Module 4: Get Into Alignment Now

Embody the significance of honoring your soul's purpose and aligning with your true essence. Discover how speaking your truth is an act of honoring your inner wisdom and living with authentic purpose. Delve into the meaning of mankind v human and the respective 'courts' of the games being played.

Module 5: Learn The 9 Foundations of Contracts

Deep dive into spiritual principles and practical aspects of contract elements. Investigate contracts through the lens of private versus public perspectives, unveiling the intricacies of navigating life's contractual nature. Learn techniques and exercises to navigate stressors and challenges with composure and dignity.

Module 6: Stop People Pleasing Today

Learn how to break free from needing to fit in, be liked or accepted to maintain love. Embrace your higher power to create positive change in your life and the world around you. Practice integrating the principals into decision-making and problem-solving through role-playing exercises, real life examples, personalized guidance.

Module 7: 3 Key's To Create Abundance Now & Declare Your Law

Shift from merely surviving to thriving in all aspects of your life. Equip yourself with practical tools and resources for living authentically in both the private and public domains. Learn what a Private Member Agreement entails and how to apply the concept to your life.

Module 8: Stand in Your Law & Rights

Discover the importance of self-governance and how to live privately, while navigating public realms of matrix going forward. Learn to create private personal agreements using lawful distinctions that protect your rights and freedoms. Plus how to sign forms and protect your Rights by standing in your law and asking questions of perceived authority (we are all equal). Prepare the private mindset contracts to set in motion your private life now.

Learn how to declare your God given rights

by creating your own private member association

Thy Lawful Remedies, by and through, woman; Kathleen; stands as a private member association, hereinafter "PMA" dedicated to disseminating knowledge of Divine law, legal principles, education, experiences, techniques, methods, and pathways for navigating the realms of private and public existence. Becoming a Member is extended to those of mankind who join with integrity and formally signify their agreement through autographing a member agreement. The PMA guides Members through the principles of self-governance by illuminating the concealed yet inherent Laws of Nature and Nature's God. As articulated in the Declaration of Independence, the boundless powers of the earth await discovery, poised for Members utilization and for the betterment of mankind.

PMA serves as a beacon, awakening the dormant greatness within Members and igniting the luminous essence of each Members potential and mission. Through PMA teachings, Members craft a strategic Game Plan aimed at fostering a world of integrity, devoid of harm, and overflowing with abundant love.

PMA serves as a conscientious awareness of the profound influence wielded by spoken words and serves as a gateway to profound advancement along the path to enlightenment, tranquility, lucidity, and prosperity. By truly comprehending this inherent power, Members restore equilibrium within their self and in the world at large. With purposeful intent, Members stand firmly within Members law and express their law with both effectiveness and a heart brimming with compassion.

Thy Lawful Remedies, The Game of Life, hosted by woman, Kathleen - who is not an attorney, lawyer, judge of law, or accountant; and does not give legal or tax advice, or legal opinion (EVER). No content, services should ever be considered as advice or opinion for legal/tax. All actions, service, information, experience and all other, is for entertainment purpose only. You are encouraged to question the status quo, to use discernment, to research and be the king by asking. All Members, and you reading this, are mindfully aware and confirm woman, Kathleen (Kathleen Acker Ramsey) is NOT an attorney/lawyer or tax account!!!

And so it is, so help me God!

Meet Your Life Mastery & Soul Alignment Coach - Kathleen Acker

Speak Your Truth is lead by Kathleen Acker, "The Contract Sage", retired corporate executive, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and leader. Kathleen's journey in the corporate world is nothing short of inspirational. With her wealth of experience in sales, insurance, coaching, corporate, and an expert in contracts (reviewing 1,000's of a variety of contracts from: reciprocal easement mall agreements, material transfer, sales, service and a list of other contract; all under the supervision of a corporate attorney - Kathleen holds a post graduate paralegal certification from Rollins College and many other certifications - she is not an attorney nor accountant), she brings a unique perspective to her services - one that is invaluable to anyone looking to make an impact in their life and the lives of those around them.

About Kathleen


Good day, I'm Kathleen, I've walked the path of feeling beaten down, isolated, and alone. I know firsthand the fear that can grip you when facing a bully or contemplating standing up for your values and rights. My mission is to transform the process of speaking your truth from daunting to exhilarating, so you can confidently own your voice and carve out the freedom you deserve. By speaking up, not only do you assert your boundaries, but you also teach others how to treat you, all while honoring yourself, Creator, and those around you.

In addition to being a bestselling author, speaker, and rebel, I'm a staunch
advocate for Divine Rights and an expert in contracts. I fearlessly question
authority, viewing them as equals, and approach life as a game that rewards
those who can see situations and people from various angles. Through this
perspective shift, we gain empowerment.

As a devoted mother, I comprehend the delicate balance between personal and professional life. My commitment lies in helping mankind reclaim their
power, find their voice, and live authentically through transformative
coaching, courses, and educational initiatives.

What makes my approach unique is my fusion of corporate and spiritual sacred law. I empower you to tap into your divinity and manifest extraordinary abundance by marrying these seemingly disparate realms. With over 25 years of experience in the corporate world, I've broken free from the constraints of formalities and reclaimed control over my time, pay, and life. My extensive certifications, degrees, insights, and experiences, coupled with divine inspiration, infuse every aspect of my coaching and work.

I hope you'll join me on this empowering journey to reclaim your voice, honor your truth, and create the life of abundance you deserve. Together, let's embark on this transformative path towards greater freedom,
authenticity, and fulfillment.

Life's journey demands discipline, commitment, vision, intention, and dedication. I'm here to serve as your guide, offering spiritual insight, positive affirmations, personal development tools, and more. Together, we'll identify and tackle your obstacles and challenges, crafting strategies to manifest your desired outcomes. Remember, you're not alone in this journey.

This Course Will Help Improve Leadership Skills:

Did you know? 80% of US workers experience work stress due to ineffective company communications. This course will equip you with the skills to enhance your leadership presence and influence, using transparency, honesty, and integrity to inspire those around you.

πŸ” Dive into practical strategies to navigate challenging conversations with grace and integrity, empowering you as a leader to address sensitive topics with empathy and respect.

πŸ’¬ Discover the transformative power of assertive communication, active listening, and conflict resolution techniques, essential for building trust and inspiring teams to succeed.

πŸ’ͺ Embrace vulnerability as a pathway to authenticity and connection, fostering deeper relationships and cultivating trust in both your personal and professional interactions.

🌟 Uncover the secrets to becoming a more resilient and decisive leader at home and in the office, inspiring others to follow your lead with authenticity and trust.


"Kathleen is extremely knowledgeable and resourceful. Her energy is unmatched! I was in a place in my life that I had to make a crucial decision that would impact my life as well as my sons. As a single parent needing security in my income, I was scared. I felt fear, which was controlling me regardless of what my heart was feeling in regard to this decision. Kathleen did not back down and made me face the fear. She did not make it easy or pretty, she stuck to what I needed in that moment to push through. I stood true to myself and did not agree to something that did not settle right with me, my values and integrity.

This gave me my power back! It made me believe that above all trust God and myself. To not let fear control my life no matter how scary it is... Trust your instinct... Trust yourself. I am grateful for how Kathleen impacted me and for all I continue to learn from her and the ways I grow. She is truly a blessing!”

Amanda L - Business Owner

β€œWOW, I am incredibly thankful for the guidance and support Kathleen has provided for me through process. Kathleen helped me stand up for my rights, she walked me through knowing how to face my fear of confronting evil doers, she inspired and encourage me to stand up respectfully, with compassion and speak my truth. It is so powerful when you overcome your fear and realize, it was all in your mind and being on the other side of fear is worth it! Don't waste time fearing. Live in faith and know your God given rights and how to apply them. Its priceless knowledge and life changing."

Jen B - Business Owner

"I had the pleasure of coaching sessions with Kathleen, and it is nothing short of eye-opening. She expertly equipped me with practical tools that have been invaluable in shifting my perception from negative to positive. Her guidance and techniques also instrumental in helping me view challenges and change in a more optimistic light, and this shift has significantly improved my overall well-being. Her approach is not just about managing life’s challenges, but about fostering a positive mindset while overcoming. I wholeheartedly recommend Kathleen if you’re looking for a transformative coach to help reset your old habits, deal with the daily stressors of life, or just become who you want to be."

Faith D - Freelancer


What Sets This Coaching Course Apart?

Enough of the bs, it's your duty to be the Queen you are meant to be!

You will learn the essential Keys to Living in Divine Law and the importance of speaking up to secure freedom for yourself and loved ones.

In this world of overreaching government players, where Superior God given Rights are dishonored, and being stripped away, there comes a time when Spirit calls you forward to walk a path of self-determination, to honor and uphold the Rights that perpetuate and protect life and freedom.

Many are unaware that our local and global systems are ensnared by contracts and commercial dominance. This hidden in plain sight system limits our freedoms and choices, unknowingly consuming our Rights and property, including our sons and daughters.

My mission is to educate and empower you to break these spells and reclaim your sovereignty by speaking up confidently and courageously with conviction to protect and secure your freedom. And by inner standing what it means to live in the private vs public domain.

Let's Get Started

The Journey Begins:

For 10 weeks, immerse yourself in an environment that is conducive to creativity, empowerment and learning. You will participate in sessions that are both enlightening and practical, covering topics from identifying your unique strengths, the Laws of Nature and Nature's God that govern life and how to apply them, the importance of effective communication and techniques to use going forward for your journey towards becoming a powerhouse in all areas of your life.

Your Voice Matters!!!

It is time for YOU to be heard and seen. You have a definite of purpose and its time to share your gift(s) with the world and speak your truth. I understand that speaking up can be daunting. That's why I have crafted a comprehensive course to guide you through every step of this journey. Speak Your Truth is meticulously designed to unlock your voice, your potential, refine your skills, and propel you into the realm of speaking your truth.


* 12 private coaching calls with Kathleen

* Copy of The Game of Life Book

* Discount on future services

* Templates and additional resources

* Scientific based breathing tools to help calm you instantly

* Effective Communication techniques

* Much more, book a call now to find out what is included

Why Wait? The Time is Now!

Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a journey that will redefine your life and reshape your world inside and out. Whether you are a corporate, business owner, nurse, healer, mom, truth seeker, or whoever you see yourself as, this course will enhance your influence in relationships and situations to have a powerful and positive impact.

We are live NOW! I invite you to join us and unlock your voice and step into your soul purpose.

Welcome to Your New Beginning and New You!

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