Hey there, I’m Kathleen, and I’m so glad you’re here!

I’ve always been passionate about helping others live their best lives, and my own journey has been filled with twists, turns, and incredible moments of growth. Like many of you, I’ve experienced the highs and lows of life – from moments of deep fulfillment to times of uncertainty and doubt.

After spending over 30 years in the corporate realm, I realized that my true calling was to empower others to break free from limitations and live authentically. So, I took a leap of faith and embarked on a mission to inspire transformation and ignite change.

As an author, speaker, course creator, and coach, I’ve had the privilege of guiding countless individuals on their journey to self-discovery and empowerment. From corporate contracts background to science-backed breathing techniques, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, helping my clients unlock their true potential and step into their greatness.

But beyond the titles and accolades, what truly drives me is the opportunity to connect with people like you – to share in your triumphs, support you through your challenges, and witness the incredible transformations that unfold when you embrace your truth.

So, whether you’re feeling stuck in a rut, yearning for more purpose, or simply seeking guidance on your path to fulfillment, know that you’re not alone. I’m here to walk alongside you, offering proven solutions, unwavering support, and a whole lot of heart.

Together, let’s embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and endless possibilities. Because you deserve to live a life that lights you up from the inside out.

With gratitude and excitement for the journey ahead,



Mission Statement for Kathleen "Contract Sage"

Kathleen the "Contract Sage" is a coaching and mentorship program dedicated to empowering mankind to transform their lives by questioning beliefs and the status quo, breaking free from societal limitations, and facing fears with courage to reach higher consciousness. We apply natural laws, declare personal sovereignty, speak truths, and become catalysts for positive change by envisioning a better tomorrow. Our mission ignites inspiration and guides you in dismantling corruption and limiting mindsets, establishing a willpower-driven attitude of gratitude, higher consciousness that encourages endless possibilities. Together, we pioneer change from the inside out, fostering authenticity, compassion, honor, love, and kindness.

Author of "The Game of Life"


Co-Author of "Success Matters"


In the Beginning…

Your Introduction to the Game - Buckle your seatbelts, because this is going to be a bumpy ride. This book is going to question everything you know, and challenge the way you look at everything around you and inside you. The world we live in isn’t what we think or have been taught to think. There are more layers, more complexities, and far more truths to find as you dig a little—maybe a lot—deeper.  

As the old saying goes, the truth shall set you free—but fair warning, it might blow your socks off first. Life is a Game, and it’s a Game we have to play authentically and in concert with the Natural Laws if we want to achieve the ultimate prize: transforming to become our greatest selves and discovering our true power(s). Too often (and unknowingly) we let someone else play us or play as us, thus giving away our power and our desires, all because of an illusion created by others. We do this because we fill the need to fit in, follow old constructs, or just don’t inner-stand (more on what that word means in the book) how to take the wheel ourselves.


Strong Women Making a Difference in Business and Community

In "Success Matter", thirteen captivating and influential women come together to share inspiring stories about the remarkable impact strong businesswomen have on society.

With the pages of this powerful anthology, each author unveils their unique perspective on Success, highlighting how they are not only shaping individual enterprises but also influencing and transforming communities while embracing their social responsibility.

From the boardrooms and offices of thriving companies, to brick and mortar of small businesses, to grassroots initiative with their local communities, every story showcases the unwavering determination, boundless resilience, and relentless drive possessed by these trailblazing women. With philanthropy as a driving force, these Missouri women of the Midwest are sharing this memoir-style biography as a testament to their regional culture.

Chapter 7 - Kathleen Acker "Be the Change"

UNLEASH YOUR AUTHENTICITY & EMPOWER YOUR ESSENCE: In a world where self-doubt, stress, and overwhelm prevail, we empower you to break free from these limitations. Together, we'll cultivate inner strength, navigate stressors, and manifest your dreams with confidence and clarity. Through a blend of Divine law, spiritual wisdom and practical strategies, we guide clients on a transformative journey of self-discovery, authenticity, and purposeful living.

HOW WE MAKE IT HAPPEN: My approach integrates proven methods to support you through this transformative journey. Together, we'll gain clarity on your self-image, release self-doubt and limitations, and cultivate the confidence to shine brightly in all areas of your life to stand in your inherent God given power. You have permission to be authentically YOU!

LEGAL INSIGHTS & SPIRITUAL CONTRACTS: Drawing on my background in legal expertise and comprehension of spiritual contracts, I provide specialized insights to help you navigate life's challenges with integrity and alignment. Learn how to honor both Natural laws and divine principles while staying true to your values and personal empowerment journey.


If you're feeling weighed down by life in general, by limiting belief, stress, or overwhelm; searching for meaning and purpose; my coaching and course(s) is designed specifically for you. Whether you're navigating personal challenges, seeking to amplify your voice, tap into intuition and purpose or yearning to live authentically, I provide the tools and support you need to cultivate resilience, find inner peace, and lead a life of purpose and fulfillment.


You possess the inner strength and resilience to overcome any challenge and create the life you desire. It's time to shed old beliefs that no longer serve you and embrace your inherent mission. Together, we'll embark on a journey of transformation, empowering you to step into your authentic self with confidence and purpose.


You are ready to break that hypnotic rhythm of society's programming and create your unique natural rhythm.

You are committed and determined to create and an action plan and unleash your true potential.

You are open to be coached.

Get to know me from guest spots:

Leading With Heart: Elevate your emotional capacity as a female leader

Speak Confidently with Compassion to Secure Your Rights

Welcome Kathleen Acker, former paralegal, mom of 2 grown sons and a strong advocate for our human rights. We discuss protecting our rights and speaking up for the truth, even when it's scary. Kathleen, author of "The Game of Life" is passionate about speaking up for yourself and doing so with compassion. Her experiences have led her to an amazing business where she helps others learn the skills and the language to speak up. She has created a course title "Speak Your Truth".

POWER PERSPECTIVES - People Passion Purpose

SPEAK YOUR TRUTH: Know Your Rights & Stand Up For Them!


She’s an Empowerment Coach & Spiritual Guide, an inspiring Speaker and Author of “The Game of Life – Redefining Your Belief and Discovering Your True Power.” After being employed by BIG PHARMA (A name we all know), she uncovered some treacherous intentions and empowered by her unstoppable passion for justice, compassion and authenticity backed with the powerful knowledge of our legal rights she helps others, particularly mothers to claim their freedom and stand up for their rights!

Empower Your Life:

Insights from Life Mastery Coach Kathleen Acker on

Overcoming Challenges & Reclaiming Your Power

Join us on the Mindset Blooming Podcast as we delve into a transformative conversation with Kathleen Acker. Kathleen's journey from the legal field to empowering mankind can inspire you to reclaim your power and live authentically. Don't miss her invaluable insights on overcoming challenges and achieving personal sovereignty. Tune in for practical advice, success stories, and a dose of motivation!

AMPlify Your Business with Stephanie Polcyn

Kathleen Acker The Game of Life 216

Kathleen, a woman powerhouse who helps people find their voice and speak their truth. Kathleen shares her personal journey of overcoming challenges and finding her own voice. She emphasizes the importance of honoring oneself and standing in one's truth, even in the face of fear and adversity. She offers advice on how to shift from victim mindset to victory and shares practical tips for personal growth and transformation.


*Honor yourself, stand in truth - even in fear & adversity

*See life as a game & look for the hidden blessings

*Shift from victim to victory mindset, embracing challenges & finding the lessons

*Practice mindful breathing, move your body and release the negative energy

*Value your life-force energy and create positive change in your life and others

Enlightened Empowered Evolved YouTube

The Game of Life

Kathleen Acker is a seasoned corporate professional turned spiritual seeker, with over 40 years of experience in personal development, self-empowerment, and spirituality. As the author of "The Game of Life" and contributing author of "Success Matters", Kathleen is dedicated to helping individuals question their beliefs and discover their true power. With a unique blend of logic and spirituality, she guides others in overcoming adversity, finding resilience, and speaking their truth with confidence, and courage. Kathleen's journey is marked by a commitment to empowerment, raising the vibrational frequency within to evolve consciousness, as well as a passion for coaching, mentoring and courses. Her goal is to inspire others to uncover their inner hero and embrace a life of authenticity and fulfillment to BE THE CHANGE.

Cannabis Truth

CT 240, 241 & 242 Kathy Ramsey The Game of Life

Today we're speaking with Kathleen Acker Ramsey, author of "The Game of Life" who says: You have within you the ability to do extraordinary things and create a difference in your life and the lives of others. To achieve that ability, you must be willing to change your perspective. When you begin to view life as a Game, it generates a significate change in the way you perceive the world around you, your impact on it, and you an transform the way you play.


Freedom is the power or right to speak, act and change as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Freedom is often associated with liberty and autonomy in the sense of "giving oneself one's own laws". In one definition, something is "free" if it can change and is not constrained in its present state.

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