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Pause and breath and take a moment and visualize ... what/how do I want my life to: feel, look, relationships, career, fun, lifestyle, car, house, location, travel, who are my friends and whatever else (visualize)?

What is holding me back from obtaining my vision? 

What is it costing me to not be living this now?

If I keep doing what I am doing, will I look back and regret not taking action?

Who else benefits by my living life authentically? 

What is it worth to me? 

Now, the question is: Are you ready to put in the effort to be the change you desire to see?

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Laws of Nature & Nature's God 
manmade legal 

I specialize in contracts, with over 25 years' experience in corporate environment, I learned a few things. One important thing is that we have NO rights UNLESS we declare them! And Laws of Nature and Nature's God are superior to all man-made legal system bs. 

 Know your RIGHTS!  

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Notice: We are not attorney's and do not give legal advice. 

Life Mastery: Helping Woman Rebuild & Transition to More Conscious Lives & Careers They Love.

I guide women on a transformative journey of self-discovery, helping them unlock their full potential, overcome obstacles, let go of past trauma, and achieve personal and professional goals with clarity, confidence and courage. 

Empowerment: By questioning core be.LIE.f's, we see life differently and step into our inner power. 

Definite of Purpose: By exploring our motivations, identify patterns, and unlock the potential for conscious choices, leading to a more intentional and fulfilling life journey. Life with purpose.

Create Your Own Rhythm:  Dash Actions and Game Plan empowers you to reshape our paths, align your actions with your truest aspirations and purpose.

Leave a Legacy: Creating life with intentional action steps, living with purpose, seeing all things differently, leads to a life to be remembered forever. 

Speaking & other services

Kathleen is available to speak at events or online. Reach out via clarity call or send message for Speaker form. 

Law vs Legal classes coming 2024

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Kathleen did an amazing job at guiding me through the process of submitting a notice of claim among multiple correspondence with my employer.  Kathleen not only helped me write multiple notice of claims to multiple people but also gave me the confidence and courage to understand that my sovereign rights were being violated.  The whole time Kathleen supported me through the process.   Kathleen was a saint to work with and was amazing and so supportive through the process.  Thank you so much Kathleen!

i: a woman; Sherrene, am so grateful for a woman: Kathleen's, kind compassionate guidance in helping i, see the the reality of the injustice  and trickery in forms/contracts created by corporate entities, that expect i, to sign; Kathleen's gentle guidance allowed i, to experience a huge internal shift in my being, from the victim, to finding the courage to accept a heart/mindset change, which allowed i, to express my new found confidence by totally altering the form/contract to suite i, a woman,

i, wish every wo/man growth,  honor and courage as they journey with Kathleen's wisdom and experience.



Kathleen helped me with a collection letter to someone that owed me money and never paid. She walked me through the honorable approach to take with a heart of compassion and my right to have remedy as agreed in writing. Kathleen helped me gain the mindset that honor is key in life and in contracts. I was scared to reach out and not even sure why, but she helped me face my fear with courage and faith. It was a release inside that I felt like a SHIFT happen in my mindset. Its ok to ask for remedy when due. It is not just to be in honor to us, but to teach the other person to be in honor as well. We teach others respect and how to treat us. I greatly appreciate your kindness and wisdom. 



I’ve had the pleasure of participating in a coaching session with Kathleen, and it is nothing short of eye-opening. She expertly equipped me with practical tools that have been invaluable in shifting my perception from negative to positive. Her guidance and techniques also instrumental in helping me view challenges and change in a more optimistic light, and this shift has significantly improved my overall well-being. Her approach is not just about managing life’s challenges, but about fostering a positive mindset while overcoming. I wholeheartedly recommend Kathleen if you’re looking for a transformative coaching session to help reset your old habits, deal with the daily stressors of life, or just become who you want to be. —

Wow, Kathleen helped me stand up for my rights, she walked me through knowing how to face my fear of confronting evil doers, she inspired and encourage me to stand up respectfully, with compassion and speak my truth. It is so powerful when you overcome your fear and realize, it was all in your mind and being on the other side of fear is worth it! Don't waste time fearing. Live in faith and know your God given rights and how to apply them. Its priceless knowledge and life changing.

Kathleen helped inspire me to speak my truth, she helped me know what I want in life and to put an action plan in place to make it happen with daily action steps, a plan and support. All top people have a coach for a reason and we can all use someone like Kathleen to support us and cheer us on.



Kathleen is extremely knowledgeable and resourceful. Her energy is unmatched! I was in a place in my life that I had to make a crucial decision that would impact my life as well as my sons. As a single parent needing security in my income, I was scared. I felt fear, which was controlling me regardless of what my heart was feeling in regard to this decision. Kathleen did not back down and made me face the fear. She did not make it easy or pretty, she stuck to what I needed in that moment to push through. And even though I do not know the absolute final outcome of that decision yet, I stood true to myself and did not agree to something that did not settle right with me, my values and integrity. 

This game me my power back! It made me believe that above all trust God and myself. To not let fear control my life no matter how scary it is... Trust your instinct... Trust yourself. 

I am grateful for how Kathleen impacted me that day and for all I continue to learn from her and the ways I grow. She is truly a blessing!


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